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Movember: Understanding What It Is & Why It Matters

Updated: May 7

Every November, you may notice an influx of mustaches sprouting on the faces of men worldwide. This phenomenon is part of a global movement called Movember, a social justice campaign that’s aimed at raising awareness and funds for men's health issues. Throughout Movember, dialogue about conditions that disproportionately affect men such as testicular and prostate cancer is commonplace. Equally as important during Movember is the spotlight aptly placed on men’s mental health.

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Movember not only symbolizes a crucial call for awareness and action regarding men’s medical health, but also men's mental health issues alike. So who was it that first put the Mo in Movember? Movember was born in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, when a group of friends decided to grow mustaches to spark conversations about men's health. They chose November, merging it with "mo" (slang for mustache), giving birth to "Movember." What started as a light-hearted campaign quickly gained momentum, evolving into a global movement committed to addressing key men's health challenges. By encouraging men to grow mustaches and engaging others in conversations about men's health, Movember strives to break down the stigma surrounding these topics and promote early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The movement has been instrumental in raising funds for men's health initiatives.

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Participants, known as "Mo Bros" and "Mo Sistas," collect donations throughout the month and engage in various fundraising activities. The funds raised are directed towards research, programs, and services that tackle men's health challenges. From funding innovative research to supporting mental health programs and community outreach, Movember has had a tangible impact on improving men's well-being worldwide. Movember operates through the Movember Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to men's health. The foundation collaborates with partner organizations, researchers, and experts to develop targeted programs and projects. Their efforts extend beyond the month of November, as they work year-round to drive change, advocate for policy improvements, and support initiatives that positively impact men's health. Other Movember collaborators include organizations such as the Movember Network, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Testicular Cancer Foundation. You can also visit the official Movember website ( for more resources. Movember recognizes the importance of mental health in men's overall well-being. They have spearheaded initiatives to address mental health issues and promote mental well-being, including funding research, advocating for policy changes, and supporting organizations focused on men's mental health such as the Mental Health Foundation.

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Movember encourages men to open up, seek support, and engage in conversations around mental health to reduce stigma and increase access to resources. Movember's impact goes beyond raising funds. It has become a catalyst for conversations about men's health, encouraging open dialogue, and breaking down societal barriers and stigma. The visual symbol of the mustache acts as a conversation starter, prompting discussions about the importance of regular check-ups, mental health support, and the need for early intervention. Since the conception of Movember, the month of November has been forever changed into an empowering platform for men's health advocacy, research, and awareness. Through mustaches and meaningful conversations, let us embrace the spirit of Movember every day to drive positive change for men's health and beyond. Interested in starting therapy? Take a chance on Boundless Therapy today and begin your journey for healing. Begin now.


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