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Our Services

Learn a little bit about our offerings in New York and how we might be able to serve you

Therapy office with couch | Get started on your journey for healing with Boundless Therapy | 10014 | 10015 | 10016

Individual & Group Therapy

  • 45 or 60 minute virtual individual therapy

  • 60 minute virtual group therapy: currently offering DBT Skills for Emotional Mastery

Clinical training being conducted in an intimate setting | Looking to strengthen the clinical skills of your employee? Reach out to Boundless Therapy to schedule an in-house training | 10024 | 10025

Trainings & Workshops

  • Interactive workshops for corporate organizations, non-profits, private practices, & schools

  • Example topics: Trauma-informed Care in All Contexts, Introducing Somatic Awareness to Wellness.

Person in supervision with their supervisor | Unhappy with the supervision you are getting? Reach out to Boundless Therapy to enquire about our supervision services | 10007 | 10008 | 10009

Clinical Supervision

  • Individual supervision for newly licensed clinicians seeking their clinical hours

  • Group supervision for additional clinical hours

Shadow of a plant | Therapy at Boundless Therapy New York can help qith your anxiety, depression and trauma | 10020 | 10021

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