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We understand that seeking therapy can be a difficult and vulnerable experience. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about working with us. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help address any concerns or questions you may have about our practice, approach, and policies. 

  • What is the cost of therapy?
    Fees range from $225-350 per session depending on the type of service being provided. We can talk about this more on a complimentary consultation call.
  • Are you in-network with any insurance plans?
    Boundless is out of network, which means that we do not directly take insurance. However, if your insurance plan has “out-of-network benefits,” you may be eligible for either a partial or full reimbursement of your session fee. Boundless offers all clients super-bills that can be used to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Read more about navigating out-of-network benefits here.
  • I don't live in the US. Can I work with your team?
    As per current federal guidelines, mental health professionals are only able to service clients that reside in the state that they are licensed in. Hence, we are currently only able to service clients in New York State. However, our intention is to expand to other states in the near future. With regards to working with international clients, this oftentimes is allowed as per specific national laws. Boundless Clinicians have historically seen clients in India, Pakistan, and Aruba. Please reach out to us at to enquire.
  • Will I be in therapy forever? How long will I be committed to this process?
    Therapy is a unique process that varies from person to person. While some individuals seek short-term solutions for a particular issue, others aim to recover from more profound emotional injuries. There are also clients who desire the presence of a supportive individual to help them manage the challenges of their lives without a specific timeline. During the initial stages, you and your therapist will chat about your therapeutic objectives. As your sessions progress, your requirements or preferences may shift. Periodic check-ins by your therapist will guarantee that your goals are being met and that the therapy experience is satisfying and worthwhile. It is important to remember, that the brain is not a predictable organ. If your brain has been processing the world in one way for 20+ years, you will need a little longer than one month to allow for the rewiring process to take place. Trust in the process, commit to change, and you will see yourself evolve.
  • Why should I be in virtual therapy when there are in-person options available?
    Our online portal provides a convenient means for you to communicate with your therapist in case of emergencies or to reschedule appointments. Additionally, you can use the portal to upload shared documents for homework or journal entries. Our platform is accessible on both web-based and mobile applications that can be downloaded on all phone models. You can join your session using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and we offer both video and voice sessions. We recognize that certain sensitive topics are better expressed through text rather than speech. That's why we offer a secure messaging platform that enables you to communicate with your therapist via instant messaging, allowing you to express yourself in a way that feels most comfortable for you. Virtual therapy offers a secure alternative for individuals who are pressed for time, encountering unexpected crises, or have difficulties scheduling in-person sessions. This form of therapy is particularly beneficial for ex-pats, travelers, people with fast-paced and modern lifestyles, people currently enrolled in school with little free time, and those who may face challenges accessing high-quality mental health care in their local residence. With virtual therapy, you can initiate your personal journey of healing from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • What is your cancelation policy and why is it in place?
    In the therapeutic process, consistency plays a crucial role, and when you make an appointment with us, that time is reserved exclusively for you. In the event that you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, we request that you provide us with a 48-hour advance notice. Failure to do so will result in a full fee charge for the missed or canceled appointment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting our time and recognizing the value of the time that has been allocated for you. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy is intended to respect both your time and that of your therapist. The policy's purpose is to establish consistent boundaries for your therapy sessions, creating a reliable and safe space where you can freely explore and grow without any ambiguity in expectations. The therapeutic work that you engage in with your therapist is incredibly transformative and has the potential to address deep-seated wounds. However, it is also a challenging and vulnerable process as it involves working through the most vulnerable parts of yourself. Therapy is intended to model a healthy relationship with clear boundaries, open communication, and mutual respect, which ultimately helps repair the deep emotional wounds we carry throughout our lives. As individuals, our inner child needs safety more than anything, and safety is established through compassionate boundaries. The cancellation and rescheduling policy is one such structure that models and promotes compassionate boundaries, primarily to meet the needs of our inner child who craves clear expectations, consistency, and structure. It is not put in place to serve our adult needs, but rather to provide the safety and structure that our inner child needs to thrive.
Geometric Curved Podium | Therapy doesn't have to feel confusing, read our FAQ to learn more | 10033

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