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Our Story

We are a queer & women-owned progressive psychotherapy collective looking to shake things up in the mental health field. After witnessing the gaps in the field that showcased the disconnect between culturally attuned care and quality evidence-based services, we felt it incumbent to create a company that doesn’t prioritize rapid scaling but rather, prioritizes the nuanced humanity of the people we serve. 


Why the name Boundless? Boundless was inspired by the expansive perspective our team has on change. We firmly believe that change does not have one specific prescription - it comes from creativity, innovation and partnership. It comes from good ideas and bad. It comes from within us.  We aspire for reciprocal growth and recognize the cosmic potential of human beings. We believe that healing and growth are boundless, unrestrained, and limitless. Thus -  the name Boundless. Where we believe that there are “many ways in” and it is our job to find what “way in” works best for you. We equip you with the skills to sustain and spark change and thus, together, we can be Boundless.

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In The News

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I've finally developed language to explain my internal experience of the world"
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