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Prerna Menon

Co-Founder & Psychotherapist

“The darkness may feel like a limitless pit, and it will pass, but for this, you will have to help it along.”

LIVING IN FEAR, ANTICIPATION, & AVOIDANCE is much the same as not living at all. Although pain is a universal inevitability across all life forms, suffering is a uniquely human quality. But, does suffering have to be terminal? Is it always destined?

I BELIEVE THAT UNHAPPINESS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ABSOLUTE & that all folks can heal & grow to build meaningful lives. Specializing in relational, compassionate, & collaborative care, I am here to support you through your journey of healing. I use my intersectional identity as a queer immigrant of color to create a non-judgmental, inclusive space for the clients I serve. I am confident in my ability to help folks navigate the entanglement & beauty of sexuality, gender, spirituality, race, culture, & identity. I specialize in issues surrounding: chronic depression, complex-PTSD, survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest, immigration/ acculturation stress, and addiction. My goal is to help you feel liberated in your body, unashamedly free, & excited for the future.

I NAVIGATE MY WORK through a trauma-centered, existential, and integrative lens, where you are reminded that you are a pioneer of your future, not a prisoner of your past. I am genuine, interactive, and use a mix of psychoanalytical-talk therapy, homework, humor, and mind-body awareness techniques. I believe in the therapeutic process as being tailor-made to your needs, where we explore your inner world without judgment, with curiosity, all at the guidance of your lead. We do this in the safety of a kind & authentic therapeutic relationship where we can awaken & embolden your innate capabilities for growth & wisdom.

I AM DIRECT BUT STILL WARM IN MY APPROACH. I stress transparency, invite feedback, & prioritize partnership in the therapeutic process. My aim is to help you create an integrated, true, & unshackled sense of self, and to help you navigate life’s often daunting challenges with courage & bravery. I believe in the core of this work & would be humbled by the chance to work with you.



  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest survivors

  • Existential crisis

  • Race-based stress

  • Gender identity and sexuality-related conflicts

  • Cross-cultural issues

  • Addiction

  • International Students

  • Family issues & acculturation

A Look Inside

How Do I Cope?
  • Coffee & Quiet

  • Hot showers

  • Walks in the cold

  • Dijon & Sonique

  • Calling home

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