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Therapy tailored to empower & embolden your inner change agent

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Our Values

At Boundless, we seek to foster the integration of all aspects of your identity, honoring the unique and intersectional nature of who you are. By combining somatic wisdom, evidence-based practices, and culturally attuned therapy, we help you experience a profound sense of spiritual unity and wholeness

Together - we help you come back home to yourself.

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Our Specialties


As a team of LGBTQ+ and allied therapists, we understand your struggles and are here to support you.

Young Adults

Young adulthood is a time of overwhelm, but also great discovery. To evolve into a more realized adult our therapists can help you develop the tools to navigate this twisted journey called life.


Adulthood comes with its own peaks and valleys. Our therapists can help you navigate those winding roads.

South Asian Folks

Exhausted by being misunderstood about your identity? Our South-Asian therapists are attuned to that frustration and are here to listen.


Creating "home" all over again as an immigrant can be an isolating experience. Coming home to yourself is where you start. Our therapists help you begin that journey home.

People of Color

Wearing your intersectional identities in America can be a struggle. Our therapists can help you ease that burden by welcoming all parts of you.

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Our Bedrocks

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Driven by Evidence

We treat humans as they are meant to be treated - constantly evolving. Thus, we stay informed about evidence-based practices as times change. 

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Relationally Oriented

 Research indicates that the therapeutic relationship is one of the strongest predictors of successful treatment. Hence, we aim to create a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration.

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Culturally Competent

Effective therapy requires not only an understanding of our client's words, but also an appreciation for the cultural symphony that shapes their unique worldview.

Our Competencies

Through a process of collaboration, partnership and evidence based intervention we help you heal:

Trauma & Complex Trauma

Intimate, social & family relationhips

Self-Image & Self-Esteem

Professional & Academic

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