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Monesha Chari


"Releasing ourselves from our expectations of what it means to heal gives us the grace to approach our growth with an open mind to better understand our individual needs"

I BELIEVE WE ALL HAVE AN INNATE CAPACITY FOR HEALING. But it is when we are met with experiences of anxiety, fear, and loneliness that our safety often feels threatened, and our ability to heal is impeded. Perhaps we feel unheard or unseen by those closest to us– or maybe we feel like we are hiding behind a facade to protect ourselves from being rejected for who we truly are. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain; managing big emotions alone can be daunting, particularly, if the experiences that have shaped us have discouraged us from doing so. As your therapist, I will be with you every step of the way to navigate these changing tides. Together, we will work to understand and overcome these challenges.

AS A SOUTH ASIAN CHILD OF IMMIGRANT PARENTS, I am intimately familiar with the emotional and mental health needs that are unique to our world. The fear and exhaustion of being misunderstood in the therapeutic space is a common experience for those with minority identities. As your therapist, I commit to working through a culturally responsive lens, making it a priority to understand the nuances of your lived experiences and their many layers. You are the expert of your life, and it is my job to learn about the facets that make you unique.

AS A HOLISTIC AND RELATIONAL THERAPIST, I am dedicated to supporting all aspects of your mental health. I utilize psychodynamic talk therapy to explore the origins of your pain, answering the question, 'What has shaped us into who we are today?' Additionally, I offer tangible tools to bring comfort and stability to your present reality. I do so by drawing from polyvagal theory, CBT, and EMDR to help you understand your nervous system, thoughts, and feelings and their impact on your emotional processing. 

WE HAVE ALL EXPERIENCED SADNESS, SUFFERING AND ANXIETY. I approach my work from the perspective of a therapist but also a human being and use my humanity to remind you that you are not alone. Together, we will tackle life’s hurdles at their roots and alleviate your discomfort in the present to help you achieve the lasting and meaningful growth you truly deserve. Let us work together to rewrite your story from one of hopelessness to one of empowerment. 

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  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Stress management

  • Relationships

  • South Asian mental health

  • Culture & identity

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How Do I Cope?
  • Walks near bodies of water

  • Laughing with friends

  • Strength training

  • Hosting cookbook club

  • Dancing

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