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Sam Urell

Co-Founder & Psychotherapist

“Be easy, take your time.
You are coming home to yourself"

― Nayyirah Waheed

I BELIEVE CONNECTION, PURPOSE, & SAFETY are antidotes to suffering. As social beings, we all possess the intrinsic capacity and longing for these things– and it is embedded in our DNA to feel hopeless, isolated, and anguished when we are unable to experience them. My aim is to help you not only fulfill these basic universal human needs but to also uncover what unique potential lies beyond them.


I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF YOURSELF and therefore therapy should be a space made by your own design. My role is to help guide you throughout this space in order to unveil the unconscious, innate wisdom and self-knowledge that you already possess. I do this by practicing in an “eclectic" manner by combining different therapeutic techniques, approaches, and theories and applying  those that are best suited for your needs, personality, and goals.


I AM A PERSON-CENTERED, RELATIONAL THERAPIST, which means that I consider enriching relationships to be the driving force behind how we grow and make meaning of our lives. This includes not only the relationships we have with other people, but also the one that we have with ourselves. I am deeply humbled by the courage it takes to bare yourself so vulnerably to another person, especially when that person starts out as a stranger. In order to honor that, I seek to form a trusted therapeutic relationship with you full of compassion, transparency, and authenticity. I don't subscribe to the “old school” model of psychotherapy wherein your therapist acts as a blank-faced wall and nods as you divulge your deepest vulnerabilities. I'm a real person with real life experiences and therefore I like to keep it real--- all while upholding professional boundaries and providing quality care.


MY THERAPEUTIC STYLE IS FLUID, EXISTENTIAL, & INSIGHT-DRIVEN. I heavily reference the arts, literary metaphor, and use humor when appropriate. I find these to be useful tools that can add color to old perspectives and create new mental associations. I approach therapy from a holistic perspective, ensuring that we pay mind to your emotional, cognitive, and somatic experiences rather than just bits and pieces. I am attuned to the systemic tension that often forms between our inner world and our external social world and I strive to help you find a sense of harmony and balance between the two.


ALTHOUGH LIFE MAY NEVER BE WITHOUT DIFFICULTY, I believe that we can still equip ourselves to cope with hardship when we are faced with it. It is this pursuit that drives me as a therapist and I will partner with you to help define your goals, develop coping skills, and forge your own individual path to healing. Exploring the many dynamic parts of you and your trauma can be painful and scary, but when in a contained space with the right therapist, the journey will feel safer to navigate. Reach out to me today to see if I am a good fit to join you on that deeply personal venture ahead. 



  • Single Event & Complex Trauma

  • Substance & Alcohol Use (Addiction)

  • Relationship Issues & Attachment Trauma

  • Men's Mental Health

  • Anxiety & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

  • Mood Disorders

  • LGBTQIA+ Identity Issues & Exploration

  • Psychedelic Therapy: Integration & Harm Reduction

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A Look Inside

Songs That Inspire Me
  • Lyrics - Truth- Alex Ebert 

How Do I Cope?
  • Crossword puzzles

  • Making clay goods

  • Interior design

  • Long walks through Manhattan

  • Spending time with the people I love

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