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From Us To You: A Poem About The Strength & Power of Therapy

Updated: May 7

In the depths of our soul, lies a world unknown A place of fears, of joys, of hopes and dreams Often shrouded by a veil of our own making For fear of what we might find, For fear of what it might mean

The journey to self-discovery is not an easy path It's wrought with twists, turns, and hidden fears And sometimes, it takes a helping hand To guide us through the darkness and wipe away our tears

The journey starts with a step, a simple act of courage To reach out and ask for help, to seek therapy It's natural to feel anxious, to fear the unknown To wonder what the future holds, to wonder what we might see

But know that therapy is a safe space A place to explore and grow, to heal and thrive A place to be heard, understood and supported To help us navigate the complexities of life

Therapy is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength It takes courage to face our fears, to seek help To be vulnerable and open, to embrace change To work towards becoming the best version of ourselves

Through therapy, we can gain a deeper understanding Of ourselves, our thoughts, and our emotions We can learn to manage stress, anxiety, and depression To overcome trauma, grief, and life's commotions

Therapy can help us develop new skills and tools To cope with life's challenges, to live more fully To build stronger relationships, and to find purpose To create a life that's authentic and meaningful, not just a folly

And as we walk this path, we're never alone For the therapist is a guide, a trusted ally To help us navigate the twists and turns of life To help us find our way and to help us fly

So, if you're feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed If you're struggling with anxiety or depression If you're dealing with trauma, grief, or relationship issues Know that help is available and there is no need for hesitation

Take that first step, reach out for help Embrace the journey to self-discovery and healing And know that as you walk this path You'll find strength, courage, and a new way of feeling.


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